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The official Belgian CFO association

The Financial Executives Institute of Belgium, or commonly called the FEIB, is the official Belgian CFO association. It was created in 1970 on the initiative of a handful of passionate financial professionals and has continuously grown up to include almost 200 members today.

Most of the FEIB members are in charge of the finance function in corporations, subsidiaries of multinationals, non-profit organizations or SME's.

If you are the chief financial officer, the director of finance or the financial controller of such organisations, you are suitably qualified to join us. Please feel free to apply online.
The Board of the FEIB will carefully review your application for approval.

Exchange, international cooperation and ethics

The reason for existence of the FEIB is to unify and support the Belgian CFO Community.
As a member of the International Association of Financial Executives Institutes, the FEIB pursues the following key missions:

Financial Information

Build and improve mutual understanding among financial executives through the exchange of financial information, experience and ideas;

Financial systems basis

Provide a basis for international cooperation among financial executives towards making financial systems and regulations more uniform, compatible and harmonious;

Financial Management

Promote ethics in the practice of financial management.

Practical and value adding services

While performing these superior missions, the FEIB intends to remain practical in its initiatives and focused on value adding services. In a business environment characterized by growing internationalization, volatility and complexity, information is key. But the financial executives may get lost in the current overwhelming supply of information and eventually may waste time. At the FEIB, we believe in networking and strive for focused information sharing. The FEIB is run by CFO's for CFO's.

Events organised by our partners

14th Aexis Symposium

17 October 2013

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Jan Staelens

CEO of I-Magix

Birgit Conix

CFO of Telenet

Isabelle Van Iseghem

CFO of Niko Group